Honey Butter Chicken Recipe


This Honey Butter Chicken is EPIC!!! Crazy quick and easy to make, I like making this with bite-size pieces to maximize the surface area that is caramelized in the stunning sauce! #chickenrecipes #honey #butter #easyrecipes #quickrecipes #dinnerrecipes


  1. Posted by fuzzyanimalz, — Reply

    This was great! Similar to another honey garlic chicken recipe I have but without the breading. Mashed potatoes were a great side as well! We'll definitely make this again.

  2. Posted by breaileana, — Reply

    Please if someone has this recipe saved please share it! This link has been marked as spam which is strange because as you can see there’s so many people that tried it.

  3. Posted by karenlehmanhunt, — Reply

    I absolutely loved this and made it every week for a month. They are still asking for it.

  4. Posted by saniseni985, — Reply

    very inspiring, it's definitely delicious to try. Thank you

  5. Posted by breaileana, — Reply

    Why is the link not working?!?!!! I forgot to print it out

  6. Posted by smbwellness, — Reply

    That food looks delicious!

  7. Posted by dragonheart57, — Reply

    Easy very good keeper1/20.

  8. Posted by mikame, — Reply

    I’d put this over grits.

  9. Posted by purlyskates, — Reply

    Turned out great!

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